The 6th Note Players: A Digital Art Installation

What is The 6th Note Players?

The 6th Note Players is an interactive art exhibit that uses the program Max 7 to combine four seperate subway performers, playing different musical instruments in the song, "New York Groove" by Ace Frehley.
The Artists were recorded against a blue screen.

To further interactivity, several different background plates of active subeay platforms were recorded as well.

The way that users interact with the system is with a keyboard MIDI Controller that alternates who and where the artists are playing and in one set, you can have all the subway performers perform at once, though they were never in the same room togather.

The user is also provided a bucket drum to drum along to the performer and by pressing one of the drum buttons, you can also hear a short interview with the subway performer.

A Short explanation of the project can be found here


A Diagram of How this works can be found here


How I did it (with photos):

1. Matched up all the vocals and instruments and fulled morphed the blue screen into blue, in one solid shade.

2. Once outputted, I merged all the "band members" into one timeline and exported with them all ending st the same time.

3. When all videos were exported, in Max 7, White and Black Keys were assigned on a musical keyboard to each video depending on where playing and who was singing with a lot of patchwork.

4. The interviews of Lado, Jimmy "Trombone" Johnson, Courtney Sheer, and Larry Wright Jr. were coded and patched to the touch pad.

This is the final result:


iArt (Winter 2017) - Hunter College
iART Mix (Sprimg 2017)- Hunter College
PLATFORM (June 27, 2018) - New York Transit Museum