"Operation: Beelzebuddy" - The Series

"Operation: Beelzebuddy" was the first creation from Fridge Films, created back in 2009. The 15 minute episodic, semi-animated series starred Justin Paul Kahn (ABC's "One Life To Live") as Satan, and his need for image consulting after getting the world into a great recession. He finds this with Ross Vega (Peter Damian) and his "Bad Rap Beaters Inc." fictional character image consulting service.

4 episodes were filmed of this series, using green screen and real life moving backgrounds. The series was made in Baltimore, Maryland with the help of Noe Way Out Studios and Nice Guys Productions. The show created, directed, written and produced by Josh Eisenberg is one of his crowning achievements. The show's pilot won a few awards in 2009/2010 including the two seen below, "The Aloha Accolade Award" from the Honolulu Film Festival and the "Golden Ace Award" from the Las Vegas International Film Festival.



Awards For "Operation: Beelzebuddy"