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Fridge Films and Josh Eisenberg Biography:

Joshua E. Eisenberg founded "Fridge Films L.L.C. in the year 2009. The company based out of Kendall Park, New Jersey and New York, New York is known for the creation of the "Coolest Videos" on the planet.

Joshua (or "Josh" as he is most commonly known), has been working in the video/film/radio field for over 15 years of his life, from his humble beginnings working in radio as a DJ at his high school radio station, "WWPH 107.9 FM" to his award-winning documentary and music video making career.

Josh is best known as being a director of music videos that have appeared on MTV like, "Heads/Tails" Video by the popular band Hotspur and his Award Winning Documentaries like: "Pat's Lunch: You Ain't Eatin' No Junk". He is also the creator and director of an award winning animated series called, "Operation: Beelzebuddy".

When he is not doing all these things and making documentaries, Josh and his company, Fridge Films LLC make web content such as the webseries, "Cheffing For Bros/Snackin' For Dudes", in which, he teaches people how to cook to attract mates.